Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase FAQs

How Do Upgrades Work?

Every day we feature a winery, region, or varietal focused offer on our website. There's a set "buy in" price which is the cost of the lowest priced bottle in the offer. You can then be randomly upgraded to a more expensive bottle for free. You find out which bottles you will receive after you complete your order. The bottles you buy and your upgrades are transferred to your CloudCellar as soon as possible after purchase.

Bottles are randomly allocated across all buyers, according to the percentages displayed on the offer page. So we can't guarantee that any buyer will receive a specific bottle (unless they buy out the whole deal!). Please see our How It Works page for more details.

What if I change my mind about my order?

All orders are final once placed. There are rare instances when an order may qualify for a refund, such as obvious customer error, or fraud, but it is at the sole discretion of our customer service to decide in these instances.

What if I don’t like the wine I ordered?

We are 100% committed to exceeding your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the wine you’ve received then contact customer service and let us know what you didn't like and why. We may, at our discretion, issue you a promotional credit towards a new bottle. In these instances, credits issued will be based on the price paid for the wine, not the value of the upgrade.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes! We take security around here very seriously, and we have never had a breach. We don't store credit card numbers. Instead, we request a secure "token" from your bank which can only be used by us to charge your credit card per your future requests.

Is tax included in the purchase price?

Tax is not included in the collection 'buy-in' price but is added at checkout for states that require us to collect it. This is determined by the buyer’s billing address.  However, if the wine is shipped to a state that does not require tax, then this fee will be refunded when you request to ship.

Currently Taxes are listed under 'Fees' at checkout.

Account FAQs

What is CloudCellar?

CloudCellar is your own personal wine collection in the cloud. We store the actual bottles you buy in ideal temperature and humidity-controlled conditions at our facility in Napa, California! With CloudCellar storage, you can:

  1. Collect and store up to 500 bottles for as long as your account is active.
  2. Mix and match bottles from different purchases so you can save on shipping fees. 12 bottles receive free ground shipping.
  3. Going on vacation? Have your wine waiting for you when you arrive? Ship your wine when and where you want it.
  4. Need the perfect gift? Have that special bottle sent to your recipient of choice with a complimentary gift message included in the box!
  5. Out of space? Don't have a wine cellar at home? Let us handle the storage requirements.

What does 3rd-Party mean?

When you place an order, and once the deal is over, we allow the wineries upto 8 weeks to send us the wine. It takes this long because we always try to get the highest quality wine straight from the winery, where they have been storing and aging it in the conditions they specify. What this means is the wine you are getting from us is the freshest, highest quality, and best tasting wine possible! We think it's worth the wait, and we hope you agree!

Whilst we are waiting for your bottles to arrive, they will show up as "3rd-Party" in your CloudCellar. After the wine arrives it will move to the "Ready to Ship" section. Bottles that are "Ready to Ship" can be requested by you for shipment at any time.

Can I transfer the wines in my account to another user?

It's not possible to transfer bottles from one CloudCellar to another. However, you can request shipment of the wine from your CloudCellar to anyone you would like, as long as they are over the age of 21. We even offer the ability to include a gift message in the shipment!

How do I contact the Underground Cellar support team?

Our Support Team can be contacted at

I can’t remember my password

Use the handy password link found in the top right-hand corner of the password box to reset your password.

I’m not getting your offer emails - how do I subscribe?

This link is the way back to our fantastic daily deals, just fill in your details to get back in the know:

Can I refer a friend?

Yes! Check out the invite a friend tab on your account page for easy ways to share your referral code. This sends your friend a $50 gift card for use on their first purchase, and if they use your code on their first purchase, you will receive a $50credit as well!

Shipping FAQs

Why do we have CloudCellar?

Unlike traditional eCommerce sites, all Underground Cellar purchases go to your CloudCellar--our name for our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled storage and shipping facility in Napa--and you request shipping as a separate step.

We provide CloudCellar for several reasons:

  1. Ideal wine storage space is a luxury.

    We know most of our customers don’t have a spacious, to-die-for wine cellar at home to keep your wine at that ideal temperature (but we are super jealous of those of you who do have that setup!).

    With CloudCellar, we provide you--FOR FREE--that perfect environment to store your precious bottles until you are ready for them. In fact, you can store up to 500 bottles at our fabulous facility as long as you remain an active member.

    Once you are ready for your bottles, we’ll pack them up and ship them directly to your door. We’ll even add ice packs if you want.

  2. CloudCellar saves you money!

    It allows you to earn free shipping by accumulating bottles from multiple offers and purchases. Buy as many or as few bottles as you want from each offer and accumulate different bottles in your CloudCellar. Once you have 12 bottles stashed away, you can ship the case for FREE!* Of course, you are always welcome to ship 1, 4, 6 or any number of bottles, BUT you will pay our standard carrier rates for those shipments.

    *Shipments to AK, HI and MI do not qualify for free shipping but will receive a $30 subsidy when shipping 12 bottles.

  3. CloudCellar gives you options!

    You can ship wine in your CloudCellar anywhere you’d like. Going on vacation? Ship it to your rental. Want to send wine as a gift? No problem! You are fully in charge of your shipping addresses and recipients. Just remember someone 21 or older needs to be home to sign for it.

What do the statuses for CloudCellar mean?

There are 3 statuses for wine in your CloudCellar:

  • - Ready to Ship: All wine that has arrived and is being stored at our Napa Valley facility will show as a status of ‘Ready to Ship’. As the status indicates, you can request these to be shipped at any time by clicking the ADD TO SHIPMENT link.

  • - 3rd-Party: These are bottles that have not yet been checked in at our Napa Valley warehouse. Typically they are en route from the winery when in this status. If a bottle lingers in this status too long, (for example over a few weeks) there could have been an issue getting these bottles delivered from the winery. If this happens, you may be eligible for an upgrade by contacting Customer Support.

  • - Already Shipped: After you ship your wine, a record will be kept in your CloudCellar to help you remember all those amazing bottles you have enjoyed or have at home ready to drink.

How do I ship wine from my CloudCellar?

We offer complimentary ground shipping when shipping a case of 12 bottles. You can also use expedited delivery options at a slight premium. To view the shipping options available and schedule your shipment follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Click on “CloudCellar” or “Ship My Wine” in the dropdown menu in the top right corner
  3. Press the “Add to Shipment” button underneath each wine you’d like to ship
  4. Click the “Ship” button at the bottom of the cart
  5. Review and agree to the Terms
  6. Choose or enter your desired shipping address
  7. View available shipping methods and rates
  8. Complete your shipment checkout!

Please note that a shipment can contain a maximum of 12 bottles. After shipping your first case, if you still have bottles remaining in your CloudCellar you can schedule another shipment for those as well!

How much does shipping cost?

You can ship any 12 bottles for FREE. Promotional shipping rates apply to Ground shipments only. Expedited shipping is available.

Ground shipping is not available to AK and HI, expedited shipping costs apply.

I bought 12 bottles but not all of them are ready to ship. Can I ship part of my order now and part later?

Of course! You can ship any number of your bottles, up to 12, in one shipment. Shipment fees for quantities other than 12 bottles can be seen clearly on the final shipment page. Or you can wait for all 12 to be Ready to Ship and ship them together for free!

What about shipping magnums and other large format bottles?

Large format bottles ship separately from standard bottle shipments as the packaging is different. Magnums (1.5L) count as two 750ml (standard) bottles, so 6 Magnums ship for free. Shipment fees for quantities other than 6 magnums can be seen clearly on the final shipment page.

Can I ship more than 12 bottles?

Of course! However, 12 bottles is the maximum you can add to any one shipment so you will need to place a separate request for each case of 12 bottles (or 6 magnums). You can use our "Quick Pick" feature to instantly pick 12 bottles for shipping.

I’m not getting your offer emails - how do I subscribe?

This link is the way back to our fantastic daily deals, just fill in your details to get back in the know:

Can I send my wine to an address other than my own?

Yes, as long as someone over the age of 21 is available to sign for the delivery. You can also include a gift message if you are sending your wines as a gift, just add your message on the shipment request page.

Which states can Underground Cellar ship to?

Underground Cellar is a wine marketplace, and as such the sellers decide which states their wines can ship to. While it may vary slightly from seller to seller, generally most of them will allow shipments to the following states:

Our sellers currently use FedEx or UPS to ship to most states, and Underground Cellar streamlines the process. Please note, ground shipping is not available to AK and HI. We cannot ship to PO Boxes, APO, AFT, DPO or FPO addresses.

You do not ship to my state/country. What are my options?

While we cannot make exceptions to state shipping restrictions, some customers choose to ship their wine to a trusted friend or relative who lives in a state that we do ship to. These customers may or may not bring the alcohol back to their own home state, depending upon local laws and regulations.

You can also ship the wine to a UPS location in a state that we do ship to. If you choose to do this, be sure to contact the UPS location to make sure they will hold your package for you. Then you can track the package online and when it's delivered, you can pick it up and bring it back to your home state. Check with your home state for laws regarding the personal importation of wine.

Does someone have to be home to sign for the package?

Yes, wine regulations in all states require the signature of an adult age 21 or older in order to receive our shipments. Photo ID may be required at the time delivery.

If you won't be home, you can have your order held for you by the carrier. Once a delivery attempt has been made you can reach out with the tracking information directly to the carrier to hold your delivery or change the address. Certain restrictions may apply based on your state or the carrier.

Also, some customers choose to have their wine shipped to their work address (check with your employer if this is okay first!)

What if I miss my delivery?

We will email you a tracking number once the tracking number has activity. We recommend that you use the tracking services offered by the shipping carrier to determine the estimated delivery date your package will arrive. Tracking details are also available on your shipment page.

If nobody age 21 or older is available to sign for the package, the driver will not leave the shipment unattended.

Generally, three delivery attempts will be made. After that, the shipment will be returned to us. The bottles in your shipment will be returned to your CloudCellar. It generally takes us up to 7 days to process returned shipments after we have received your shipment back. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a $35 return fee to cover shipping and processing costs of any returned shipment. Please make sure you are home!

How do I cancel a delivery or change a delivery address?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel a shipment or change the delivery address. In the event that the shipment has left our Napa storage facility we will try to recall a shipment back (a return fee may apply), or change the delivery address with the carrier for a $15 fee. Please note that we can only change a delivery address within the same State as the original shipment address.

To cancel a delivery or change an address before you’ve received a tracking number, please reach out to our support team,

To change an address after the shipment has been picked up by the carrier, you’ll need to get in touch with them directly. Once a delivery attempt has been made you can reach out with the tracking information directly to the carrier to hold your delivery or change the address. Certain restrictions may apply based on your state or the carrier.

Will you ship my wine if it is too hot or too cold?

We want to ensure your wine reaches you in perfect condition. When needed, shipments will be shipped in temperature-controlled trucks. Our Logistics Team monitors the weather continuously, and we may have to temporarily pause shipping to certain states if environmental conditions may cause damage to your shipment during transit. If needed, we also will post weather warnings on the shipment checkout page so you can decide if you would like to delay your shipment until conditions improve.

What if I receive a corked or broken bottle?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Please contact our customer support team at